GAMINGEE: GAMe-based tools to Foster an INtegrative model for early Gender Equality Education

Erasmus+ project

GAMINGEE: GAMe-based tools to Foster an INtegrative model for early Gender Equality Education

Game tools for gender equality education

Guides and game tools for

Gender equality education

Result 1: Guides

Guide for conducting interventions with kids and teenagers between 9 and 15 years old in both formal and informal environments. Freely available for educators and families through our virtual platform.

Result 2: Videogame

Future R Us will be a graphic adventure game where boys, girls, trans, intersex and non-binary kids and teenagers can solve challenges and dilemmas being in the shoes of several characters: e.g., a gay man, a young woman, a trans-woman, a parent, a trans-man, a young boy, a teacher, etc.

What’s all this for?

Main objectives


Main objectives

About the

Team involved

University of Burgos

Public university in the Spanish city of Burgos with about 10,000 students studying over 30 different undergraduate degrees, over 20 PhD Programmes, as well as several Official Masters and other graduate courses.


Group of the European Youth for Change is a Romanian youth organization founded in 2010 active at the European level. Their mission is to empower young people to create positive change in their community.

Lastekaitse Liit

Estonian Union for Child Welfare is a non-profit umbrella organisation that contributes to ensuring children’s rights and shaping a child-friendly society.

Catness Games

Catness Games is a full-cycle game development company focused on quality, innovation, and 3D. They have been working with top brands for almost a decade to create, port, and publish the best Unreal Engine games.

Kveloce I+D+i

Experts in converting business ideas, innovative needs and demands into Research and Development and Innovation Projects that can be supported and financed by national and international programs.

Queer Geography

Queer Geography z.s. is a society of professionals who are interested in interdisciplinary understanding and study of human sexuality(s), gender identity(s) and related issues.

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